Prophetess Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine grew up in Palm Bay Florida where as a child she began having prophetic dreams and realized that she was set apart for the purposes of God. Throughout the years she has endured many trials and adversity all the while recognizing the hands of God over her life. Princess is known for her great faith in God truly modeling Romans 1:17" that the righteous will live by faith." Princess desires to share this faith with other women by the preaching and teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ to inspire them to face life's challenges equipped with God's word, faith, and strength in order to see their lives be transformed and his purpose for them to be fulfilled.

Prophetess Princess works in the fullness of the prophetic, flowing in wisdom, knowledge, and discernment of the spirits with an anointing to bring healing and restoration in the lives of believers. Along with her calling to impart into the lives of women, Princess also carries an anointing for children of all ages, equipping them with the word of God, encouraging their relationship with Jesus Christ, and exposing them to all of God's splendor giving them revelation on who God is and what he has planned for their lives.

Throughout her years of experience as a teacher and mother of three while studying in The field of Early childhood education in both the school and church setting, as well as her ownership of a faith based preschool, Princess has received knowledge and revelation in effective child rearing, educating children in the flow of the spiritual gifts, and the importance of the parent-child relationship in todays end times. She has also seen the true value, benefits, and positive impact living a life committed unto God can have on your child(ren) and their emotional and spiritual development.

As God so allows, Princess truly desires to impact the kingdom of God by preaching to the nations setting the captives free and flowing in the prophetic into the lives of men, women, and children to inspire and encourage them to live life in it's fullness through their salvation in Jesus Christ.